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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fast and Furious review and breakdown.

This is always in the feed at the start of all Insanity and Asylum workouts and it always makes me chuckle.. Trust me anyone who is workin' out with Shaun T knows he's extreme! :)

My favorite things about Insanity is you don't need any fancy equipment to burn a TON of calories.

Good shoes. These aren't the best for cross training but they're what I grabbed, I will be going back to my Adidas though.. These are fine for running, not the best for cross training.

Water definitely a necessity. A heart rate monitor is not a must have but I strongly suggest it. You want to make sure you stay safe during a workout like Insanity and the only way to do that is to check your heart rate periodically during your workout. I always have a calorie burn goal as well so it's nice to push toward that with a heart rate monitor.

Here's a break down of the workout.

warm up- 6 minutes (jog, jumping jacks,123 heisman, high knees jump rope, fall squat, plank squats)
water break- 30 seconds
stretch- 3:30
workout- 9 minutes 
full body drills- sprinting, floor sprints, moving pushups
8 power knees 4 diamond jumps, alternating legs
ski abs, in/out abs/oblique pushups
high knee oblique twists
burpee pushup jacks (those who cross fit know how bad burpees are alone, add pushup jacks to it and it's craziness!)
"I ain't call you here for fun, I called you here to motivate you to work." -Shaun T quote during the burpee pushup jacks :)
power jumps (hate these!)
football rolls/plank holds
plank punches
100 meter sprints
water break- 30 seconds
final stretch- 2 minutes

My fastest heart rate of the workout was a little high at 191 bpm, but I recover very very quickly (thanks Shaun T and Chalene Johnson). 

Final calorie burn:

345 calories in 20 minutes with only NINE of that being the actual workout? I love it! :)

And because we all know I love Shaun T-isms this was my favorite Shaun T quote in this video:
"My goal is not to kill you it's to make you kill yourself."

This is a perfect workout if you're pressed for time in the mornings, any time you need to get in a quick workout, or as an every day routine and it's really reasonably priced, around $20 I believe! Let me know if you get it. :)

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