The Ashleys

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Body Dysmorphia

Confession: I used to be fat. Not plump, not thick, not chubby, but F-A-T. Before I started blogging I probably would have never shared these pictures. :)

See? I told you. After my daughter was born I got serious about losing weight because I knew she was my last child. I lost about 75 lbs in the year after she was born. I've fluctuated by about 10-20 lbs since then but no matter how big or small I am I still have a severe case of body dysmorphia because I always feel fat and am always one of those girls who says just 10 more lbs and I'll be happy. For those of you who have lost weight do you ever get to a point where you're like "okay now I'm happy" I love my body??

My thinnest, a size 3, 120-ish and IMPOSSIBLE to maintain without killing myself, and I still thought I was fat then, ha.

This is my "now" and what I think my body's happy weight is. Sure I'm still counting my calories and working out everyday but I still see so many flaws when I look in the mirror.

Another now.. I want to be toned and athletic, not skinny. 

I reckon my attitude needs as much work (or more) than my body. I want to love my body the way it is, but dang is perfect abs and small hips too much to ask for? :)


  1. It's amazing how being aware (counting calories) opens your eyes. I started counting in January and it has changed my life! I still splurge but a lot less than I used to! You look beautiful now, toned and athletic is sexier than skinny!

    1. I agree, when I first started I had to write down everything I put in my mouth breath mints, cough drops, I didn't leave anything out of my food journal it took that for me to become aware of how fast those calories can add up through out the day. I don't have to be so OCD about it now thank goodness!