The Ashleys

Monday, June 11, 2012

Workin' out ain't sexy! :)

Someone please tell me why I never look this during a workout?

This is a good day after a workout (after I've pinned a few strands of hair back, and wiped off the sweat).

However on a normal day I'm collapsed in the floor like this:
Yeah it's bad!

I re-started Insanity today. Y'all know I L-O-V-E me some Shaun T! So I had to re-do the fit test. Even though this is like my 5th cycle I never re-do Insanity without re-doing it. Just as I was about to get started I realized I was out of bottled water..

No excuses! :)

Then I had to dig out the Insanity approved footwear.

Mix matched socks? Check!

Adidas Bounce. I love these shoes. They're light, they're comfy, and they're pink. 

Ethan decided y'all needed some action shots! 

My butt is a tad bit in the air, I probably should work on my push-up jacks form.. Ha!

Calorie burn: 445 in around 25 minutes. Time to shower and re-fuel with my favorite two things.

Y'all enjoy this rainy afternoon!


  1. Good for you, I 've always wanted to try insanity but it scares me!

    1. I started it in January 2011 and I've done it off and on for about a year and a half. I LOVE it!