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Saturday, June 16, 2012

SUYL: Bedrooms

Tonight I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner in her SUYL bedrooms. Our bedroom is pretty basic and like the other rooms in our house I've been working on adding some decorations. :)

I LOVE our bed. It's a fairly new piece (and the first bed my husband and I have bought as a couple). It was important that we have a king size since a lot of the times our kids come and join us in bed and that it had that shelf above it. We both always take a drink to bed and we needed that. The picture above the bed is of the two of us at the Auburn/Miss State game last season. In the spirit of full disclosure I NEVER make our bed and it was only made because I had just washed the bed clothes and for this pic. :)

This is the shelf beside our bed and it was just moved into our bedroom because we got a new entertainment center. Some friends built this for us and we love it. I kind of took it over for my jewelry, lotion, nail polishes, and other things.. Oops sorry babe. :) That basket on the bottom is for my husband to toss his laundry into. 

And this is my husband's play land. The tv and PS3 is in the bedroom while the big screen and xbox 360 is in the living room. We watch lots of tv lying in bed at night, and as y'all can see by the Cars cup in front of the tv we are not the type of parents who makes our bedroom "off limits," to the kiddos!

It's a process, slowly but surely we'll be finished with our room decorations, but we love it the way it is. 

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