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Monday, June 11, 2012

A little bit of Summer.

It feels like it's been Summer in Auburn forever. We didn't really have much of a Winter which was really nice! Occasionally we've had a few days where it's been a little chilly but it looks like it's going to be wet and nasty for the next 4 or 5 days at least.

Yuck! That's pretty depressing!

We left so many of our decor and "extra" things we didn't really need in our house in Kentucky. We had room in the Uhaul for the things we HAD to have. We even re-purchased beds and a dresser for the kids when we got here because we couldn't fit them in the Expedition or the Uhaul so I'm just slowly buying things to decorate as we go.. I've bought a few items lately to homey things up a little bit.

This is a centerpiece on my coffee table I got from my inlaws for Christmas that I actually just took out of the box last week. We were at TJ Maxx and I saw one and started to buy it but then I kept thinking I already had one. Sure enough it was in my Expedition.. Haha. 

A canvas painting I got that I love and James hates.

Another one.. This one is in my bathroom.

I got a great deal on this rug at Walmart. Only $13 I was excited!! Now if I could find a big one for around that price to go under my dining room table I'd be THRILLED!

And my last and favorite purchase. Two things I bought today to brighten this gloomy day and Summer my house up. :)
A Summer table cloth and centerpiece. That vase is beautiful! I got it and the "flowers" in it from Ross. It smells so good too! Kaylee keeps climbing up in the chair to smell it. :)

And just for fun, a few cute pics of the kiddos. 

An older picture but it always makes me smile.

She's really concentrating on that color sheet.

Playing games on a cell phone already? That girl is growin' up way too fast!


Haha! Silly kids!

I am so so so proud of my sweet babies. A neighbor stopped me today to tell me how well mannered my children are. They are such a handful but such a blessing. 

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