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Saturday, June 23, 2012

30 before I'm 30

Most of the blogs that I read are written by ladies close to my age and I've seen several of these posts. Since today is my 28th bday I figured now would be as good as a time than any to make my list. Honestly we are in such a great season in our life that I don't have 30 things I would like to do before I'm 30 but I do have a few. :) 
*Run a full marathon
*Take a trip out of the country with my handsome husband
*Renew our wedding vows
*Begin looking to buy a house in Auburn
*Learn to sew and then persuade my husband to buy me an embroidery machine
*Go on a cruise
*Take our kids to Disney World
*Learn to love my body

I am sure as time goes on I will come up with things to add to this list and I will continue to update it and hopefully criss things off my list in the next two years.
My biggest goal is to be the best wife and mother to my amazing husband and beautiful babies because they deserve the very best. 

And one pic just because she's so stinkin' cute. :)

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