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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Dessert Recipe

I LOVE this recipe for a Summer dessert. Warning, the final result is UGLY! I've made it before and it turned out beautiful I don't know what was up with my fruit cuttin' skills today but it was off. Oh well it's always delicious!!

2 pie crusts
2 boxes of cheesecake jello
Skim milk (for jello)
Frozen mixed berries
Can of pineapple tidbits
Light Whipped Cream

*Poke holes in your pie crust and bake according to package directions. I did mine for about 12 minutes in a 375* oven. While those are baking get to work on your filling and toppings.

Forget hand mixing pudding, that's what this baby is for! 2 boxes of cheesecake pudding, 3.5 cups of skim milk and the whipping blade til the pudding is thickened and all the lumps are gone.

I always run hot water over my frozen fruit to thaw it and strain it along with the pineapples in a colander.

When you slice bananas they tend to brown (even over the course of a few hours) so I squeeze a little lemon juice on them and that keeps them lookin' fresh.


After your pudding is done in the magic bullet mix about a quarter of a tub of light whipped cream in the pudding.

By now your pie shells should be done.
Pour in the filling, cover with banans, top with the berry/pineapple mix, and a light layer of whipped cream.

And finish it off with a ton of fresh kiwi. 

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  1. That looks soooo yummy! I love fruity summer dessert!