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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sunshine and Summertime

Mr Handsome Britches had his last day of school yesterday.

I love those big bright blue eyes.. Such a cutie!

Here's how we plan to spend our Summer.

This is a new swimsuit I bought. I wasn't thinking when I bought it about the ridiculous tan lines I was going to get!

Today we hung out by the pool, then got dressed to go out and get dinner.. (Hubby is in Atlanta),
This is how my hair will look all Summer, UP! 
We had some AMAZING Mexican food at Laredo. We didn't know it but kids eat free on Wednesday!

Then we did a little shopping at Walgreens, and I got some knock off Happy. I LOVE Happy and have been wearing it since high school at least, but I don't like to wear it on a daily basis bc it's a little strong.. This is a much fainter version but it's still very citrus-y and smells amazing.. It was like 7 bucks I think.. Great deal and I love it.

I came home and worked on Kaylee a Summer hairbow.. Y'all don't forget about the boutique items. :)

Now  Kaylee and I are doing mani/pedis and watching movies..

We've had a great but full day to start our Summer vacation. We're so excited to have our big boy home every day and for all the fun times this Summer!

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