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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New hair, a blog, and girl time.

James was working in Prattville last night/today so after running some quick errands with this little beauty queen.

Who insisted on wearing these shoes.
So not kidding.

We came home and I got to working on my white trash roots.. Seriously my hair was a mess y'all! I've done a billion and a half shades of blonde.

See? But I think I've found my favorite.. It's so hard for me to get ashy tones to take but FINALLY I got a nice cool blonde.. No more gold tones!!

I know I need to trim my ends.. It hasn't been that long since I did it I can't believe how bad they look.

And today I gave myself bangs.
I reckon I could've put some makeup on.. Yikes!! 

Last night was the season premier of the newest Bachelorette and I LOVE Emily I'm so excited about this season! For all other Bachelorette fans, ya'll have to check out this blog: This man is seriously hilarious.. and I love that a guy blogs about the Bachelor franchise.. Genius. :)

Alright y'all off to have some dinner with my man who is FINALLY home! 

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