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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A date, pickles, and "frands"

I didn't get a chance to blog last night because I actually got to dress up, curl my hair, and put makeup on to spend some time with my handsome fella. :)

I swear I feel like I'm going to need braces again because it appears my overbite is reappearing.. 

While we waited on Daddy to get off work we had a mini photo shoot. 

Not a chance of getting a serious picture with these two. I love it though, definitely indicative of their personalities.

After we got them from the baby sitter we had a fun family night. We cooked some burgers on my new indoor grill. Seriously y'all this was the best $30 we've ever spent this thing works like a dream! I've used it for steaks and burgers tomorrow I'm tryin' out some chicken on it.
I put these new pickles I found at Walmart on the burgers and they were so good. James loved them but I doubt I'll share any more with him. I pretty much go through a jar of pickles in a day anyway and these might be the best I've ever had.
Local ladies get to the Opelika Walmart and get y'all a container of them.

We did a little swimmin' this afternoon too and when we got there we were thrilled to see this:
An empty pool. It's so nice having a gated community pool and it's even nicer that it's almost always pretty empty.. There has been one somewhat busy Saturday so far and there were still under 10 people out there. I love that we don't have the maintenance of a pool but we don't have to pay to swim or go far either.

Headed to the pool. Yes Kaylee swims in a bow. :)

Now we're gonna complete this family night with some ice cream and tv. We're  kinda late to the party but we're going back to season one and checking out In Plain Sight.

Kaylee informed me that Ethan has a bunch of "frands" and she doesn't really have any in Auburn. She did some play dates in Ft Mitchell and loved it but she hasn't made any new friends in Auburn. Does anyone know of any MOPS groups or play date groups in Auburn?

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  1. I'll have to try those pickles.. love dill pickles! I can't think of any play date groups in Auburn but I'll keep my ears open if I hear about any!