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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


These guys aren't giving us much to cheer about this season:

These guys either:

So thank goodness for this cutie!

This is his first season playing flag football and maybe I'm a little partial but he looks A-DOR-ABLE doing it!

His first game! He looks so big with his mouth guard and little football pants!

His first game was so funny to me because I know how serious football is in the south (especially Georgia and Alabama) but I never dreamed they'd take flag so seriously but they had two refs, who did the little signals, they had the down number flipper thing, and they were serious about moving the chains and first downs. When he's played sports at the Y they never kept score and it was just about having fun.. Football here is not about not getting your feelings hurt it's competitive! 

And the score:
32-6 Redskins!! 

So proud of our sweet little boy! 

Here are a few pics I took of him and Kaylee before football practice yesterday.

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