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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Honey Boo Boo

Have y'all seen this show?

I usually don't post about shows but I happen to LOVE Honey Boo Boo. Lately I've been reading blogs and people are bashing the heck out of this family.

Granted they're a little redneck-ish, and they don't have the best manners, but they seem like a hard working family (Sugar Bear works 7 days a week) who love each other and have fun and appreciate what they have.

I admit sometimes their antics make me shake my head (mama's fork lift foot, YIKES!) but I'm reading things about how this show makes people feel like better parents because she's a bad mother, and how shows like this are "dumbing down America." Why are people so mean?

Compared to Jersey Shore and other reality shows I'd much rather my kids watch Honey Boo Boo with her dolla that makes her holla than anything else.

On a side note: How adorable is Alana in this picture? I LOVE her!

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