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Friday, September 7, 2012

Adult Birthday Party

I am doing a link up with Kelly's Korner about adult birthday party ideas. My husband has a birthday coming up next month so I thought I'd get some ideas and share his idea of a perfect birthday party.

The theme would be the easiest thing to pick!

Man football food.


And this is a "cake" I had pinned for him on Pinterest.

But with Bud Light and orange ribbon. Gotta keep with the Auburn theme. :)


  1. My friends threw me a national championship birthay party the week after auburn won the NC...It was a lot of fun, everyone wore orange and blue and I had an orange AU cake....

    my blog is

    Also, I threw a couples "tailgate" wedding showe-- served tailgate food and had auburn (him) and msu (her) dishes and decorations out. I even had a make your own stadium/tailgate cocktail bar -- with whiskey, vodka and soft drinks along with beer. A game was playing in the background...and we had tailgate games (corn hole, etc) I also used astroturf as a table cloth. (Everyone brought serving dishes and grilling tools for the couple!) That could easilly be turned into an auburn birthday party!

    good luck and war eagle!

    1. That sounds amazing! MSU? Mississippi State? We are also a house divided. I'm from Kentucky so a huge UK fan but he is an Auburn alum and since we live in Auburn now I cheer for them as long as they're not playing Kentucky. :)

  2. War Eagle!!! Glad to see my school represented on Kelly's "Hog" Blog. haha. I'm link #42 and #43 if you want to check mine out. :)

  3. My best friend is turning 40 this year and we wanted to do something memorable for his party. I've been researching ideas online and I think my favorite idea so far I got from a murder mystery parties blog. None of us have ever participated in a murder mystery party, or dinner, but I feel like it would be a fun time that would not be very easily forgotten! I really like your ideas too though! I may try to incorporate some of them into the party.