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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BBQ, Gym, and a Race

There is definitely no better southern dish than pulled pork BBQ, so since we're kinda new to the area we got online and started huntin' for a place to get some BBQ here in Auburn. When I told my husband the price of a pound of  BBQ he quickly informed me that a pound was enough for him, but I needed to get myself and my kids our own, ha! So because I'm admittedly CHEAP I decided to make my own.. I used a boneless pork shoulder. I bought a 4.5 lb one for about 11 bucks which was roughly the same amount as ONE lb at the restaurants here in Auburn. 

I seasoned the meat with cavenders, ground black pepper, and N'Awlins cajun seasoning. Those just happen to be our favorite seasonings, you can use whatever you prefer.

Then I seared the seasoning in on each side for about 5 minutes. 

In the meantime I added a cup of Dale's sauce, and a cup of water to the crock pot and added my meat and cooked it on high for about 6 hours.

I don't like thick "basting" sauce for my BBQ sandwiches and this was PERFECT! I picked it up at Walmart for under 3 bucks.


I've kinda  been neglecting my Beach Body family and have been putting in lots of hours at the gym. I'm a big fan of the atmosphere of gyms and I enjoy going so it's a change of pace and I'm definitely encouraged right now. 

My husband told me this morning about a 5k in Phenix City in a couple weeks so I'll definitely be signing up for that. I'm pretty excited.. Go here if you're interested! 

I was working on my 5k time this morning and I was a little faster than I realized..

Now if I can maintain this in the Alabama heat I'll be THRILLED!! I'll defintely continue to train to improve my time, and do a few road training runs. 

Have a great week y'all!! :)

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  1. BBQ is AU isn't cheap for sure, Mike & Ed's has a pretty good 'tailgate special' though with meat & sides that I've found reasonable for small work events. I would totally do the 5k in Phenix City but that is moving weekend for me, boo! I can't wait til my first 5k in september.. I'm doing the color run in Birmingham!